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Commercial Electricians & Solar Panel Installers for Camberley

The team at Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd, comprised of highly qualified domestic, industrial and commercial electricians and solar panel installers, often receive questions from clients around Camberley about the advantages and disadvantages of switching to solar energy.

While we feel there aren’t any drawbacks to making the jump, bar the initial costs (which should be viewed as an investment considering the savings you’ll make), we do believe there are numerous advantages. So, on this page, we’ve run through just a handful of the most significant ones!



5 Reasons to Call in Our Solar Panel Installers


  1. SAVE ON OR ELIMINATE YOUR ENERGY BILL – Having solar panels installed on a Camberley property can dramatically reduce the occupiers’ energy bill, or eliminate it altogether, depending on the type of PV system that is employed. In fact, you can even go one-step further and earn an income from your solar panels! Any excess energy you produce will be bought by the government, which have promised a 25-year guaranteed income for solar producers.

  2. GO ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – It’s no secret that the usage of fossil fuels has done untold damage to our planet’s atmosphere, wilderness and communities. But now, with renewable and clean energy available, people all over the world can begin to try and reverse said damage. Our solar panel installers really believe in the environmental benefit of what they do, and we urge you to consider harnessing the power of the sun to power your home or commercial property. You’ll massively reduce your carbon footprint, and do your bit to ensure that the world is liveable for future generations.

  3. BENEFIT FROM THE COMPETITIVE MARKET – Years ago, it was difficult to harness the power of nature to power a property because of how expensive it was to bring in commercial electricians / solar panel installers; the systems themselves were very expensive, being newly available to the public. But now, manufacturers have brought down the price of solar PV systems, and have launched a number at different price points (spanning budget through to premium). As the market heats up, prices come down. Now is a better time to invest in solar than ever before!

  4. SAFEGUARD YOURSELF AGAINST RISING PRICES – Energy prices are volatile, and they rarely fall. In fact, in the eyes of domestic, industrial and commercial electricians across the country – and many of our Camberley clients will agree with us – they’re growing more and more extortionate each year. When you call in solar power installers to make your home or office property self-sufficient, you break the shackles of corporations’ profit over people mentality, freeing yourself from ever having to worry about an energy bill ever again!

  5. BOOST YOUR PROPERTY VALUE – In this day and age, solar panels are becoming an increasingly sought after and valuable commodity amongst Camberley property buyers. Companies or landlords marketing a new office with solar panels should factor in the amount of cash their tenant will save or earn, and ensure this is reflected in the rent/buying price. Likewise, homeowners who call in our electricians / solar panel installers to fit a system on their property can expect to see their house’s value appreciate significantly. Other ways that our domestic and commercial electricians can help you raise the value of your property include replacing antiquated wiring and consumer units.


In Camberley and have a question for our friendly, expert team of solar panel installers? Call the Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd team on 07971 501 851 or 0800 5677 629.

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