Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

As the EV market rapidly grows across the UK it wont be long before petrol and diesel cars are obsolete. Fossil fuels are running out so like it or not electric vehicles are the future. 

The government are offering an OLEV grant for people installing EV charge points, Sphere Energy Solutions are OLEV approved installers and can help you with your claim to offset the costs of getting an EV charge point installed.

The installation process usually takes around a two hours depending on the distance from your distribution board.

Different chargers offer different charge rates. Most will state a “miles per hour” figure. This number is the amount of charge delivered that will allow the vehicle to travel a certain amount of miles per hour. 

We offer a wide range of EV charge points, we are here to help you chose which charger is best for you even if you haven’t yet decided on which Electric Vehicle to buy yet.

 Our EV charging stations can be fully powered by our solar PV installations, significantly reducing or altogether removing your reliance upon traditional fuels (depending on whether you drive a hybrid or fully electric car). In addition to the safe and practical charging units we install in homes around Camberley and Surrey, we can also install pay-per-charge systems for commercial premises. These will enable your staff or members of the public to charge their vehicles, without you having to cover the cost. As tariffs can be set to your specifications, you could even end up making a profit.