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Camberley & Surrey’s Trusted Electricians

In addition to being seasoned solar panel installers covering Camberley and all surrounding areas, the domestic, industrial and commercial electricians at Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd offer a broad range of essential electrical services. Below, we’ve looked to provide some more information on the various areas in which we specialise.

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Domestic Electrical Services

RE-WIRES – Over the years, the way that electricians wire a home has changed as electrical safety standards have evolved and improved. By today’s standards, many homes around the Camberley area may be seen as being wired unsafely or poorly. Not only will a home with antiquated wiring be at a higher risk of experiencing an electrical malfunction, which could cause a fire or electric shock to a member of the household, but it will be more likely to experience frustrating issues like fuses that trip regularly.


If you’re moving into a new home in or around the Camberley area,  it’s worth having our electricians in to take a look at its infrastructure and ensure that its wiring and fixtures won’t put you in danger or cause you significant problems down the line. Likewise, give us a call if you’ve experienced electrical problems, noticed exposed wiring, a lack of plug sockets or a rather ancient looking consumer unit. It could be time for a rewire, and we’ll be able to advise you on how urgent/important one would be on a case-by-case basis. A rewire will bring your household’s electrical infrastructure up-to-date, ensuring it’s safe and reliable for many years to come.



FUSE BOARD CHANGES – If you have an old and outdated or malfunctioning fuse board, our electricians can quickly replace it with something that will be safe and reliable. Old-style fuse boards lack the same safeguards that new fuse boards are required to feature under the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations.  The most important safeguard being an RCD, or residual current device, which shuts off the power if a fault is detected. An RCD can literally be the difference between life and death, and this is why it’s so important to replace old fuse boards which feature miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) as soon as possible. These outdated safety mechanisms have been found to be lacking, hence the update to UK electrical safety regulations.



EXTRA SOCKETS, LIGHTS & SWITCHES – The modern consumer has many more electrical devices and appliances than those a few decades back. As a result, some homes in Camberley and surrounding areas don’t have enough sockets to power them all. Our electricians can fit extra sockets in your home to ensure you never want for power! We can also fit your home out with new lights and switches. We have an expansive range of highly efficient, environmentally friendly LED fixtures that will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.


EXTENSIONS & LOFT CONVERSIONS – Investing in a new extension or loft conversion for your Camberley or Surrey home? The electricians at Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd can fit it out with quality light fixtures, switches, sockets and wiring to ensure they’re usable for their intended purpose.


SMOKE DETECTION – Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd can also supply and install sophisticated smoke detection systems which help protect you and your family against fire outbreaks.

Commercial Electrical Services

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RE-WIRES – Our electricians also re-wire commercial premises, from the smaller offices around Camberley, to expansive retail outlets spanning multiple levels. We can ensure that you have the electrical infrastructure in place to allow you and your workforce to function efficiently and safely. We’ll also ensure it is reliable; we know how much trouble and potential loss of earnings that a power outage can cost a business.


If you’re looking to purchase and move into a new office premises in Camberley or any surrounding area, we urge you to contact our expert commercial electricians. We’ll be able to assess the property and inform you of any potential problems you might have with its wiring. This information is important to know so you don’t run into any unexpected costs down the line, or end up buying an otherwise promising property which is an electrical disaster waiting to happen.



SHOP FITTING – Need a shop or similar commercial site fitted out with all the electrical essentials? Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd can help. Our commercial electricians will ensure you don’t pay a penny more than you need to, and complete the fit-out within a strict timeframe. This will ensure you keep your margins good and competitive, and be open for business as soon as possible.



FLOOR BOX MOVES – A floor box is an electrical outlet set that sits flush within the floor, and is usually found within an office or similar commercial setting. If you’re moving to a new premises, then you may need to take your existing floor box with you. To attempt to make the move yourself could be dangerous, so call in our qualified electricians to do it for you.



LIGHT FITTING REPLACEMENTS – We can replace any light fittings that are broken or simply showing their age. As green-minded commercial electricians, we have an expansive range of LED light fixtures we can supply and install. These are highly efficient and look fantastic. They’ll save you a significant amount of money on your energy bill, being far more efficient than filament bulbs, all the while making your place of work more environmentally friendly.



FIRE ALARM INSTALLATION – It’s a legal requirement to ensure that your site is fitted with a functional and effective fire alarm system. Not only could you be landing yourself in hot water should you shirk this responsibility, but you could be putting your employees, property and entire business at stake by not being prepared for a potential outbreak. Contact our commercial electricians today if you’re in or around the Camberley area and need a fire alarm system that won’t let you down.



MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS – Searching for reliable commercial electricians who will handle any and all electrical fittings, repairs or inspections you require over an extended period of time? Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd can be your trusted contracted electricians, ensuring you don’t fall foul of current electrical regulations, and any problems you run into are quickly and efficiently dealt with.

Industrial Electrical Services

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We also serve industrial clients in and around the Camberley area. Providing and maintaining the electrical infrastructure for a large industrial site can be a real undertaking, and not all electricians have the manpower and experience required to take on such work.

Sphere Energy Solutions Ltd, however, has a knowledgeable team that deals with industrial clients regularly. So call us in if you require any of the following services:


  • LV Panel Modifications & Replacement
  • Three Phase Distribution Boards
  • Generator Installation
  • UPS Systems
  • Machine Moves & Installations
  • Cable Containment
  • New Sub Mains
  • Replacement Sub Mains



Have a question regarding any of the above services our commercial electricians provide Camberley and wider Surrey? Contact us on 07971 501851 or 0800 5677629!

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