Home Battery Storage

Our home battery storage solutions from Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, Grow Watt, Pylon Tech and more. The home batteries can be retro fitted to existing solar PV systems or seamlessly incorporated into a new PV installation. Home batteries will charge up during the day storing the power of the sun to be used when needed later in the evenings. Some systems can even charge up from the grid at night taking advantage of low energy prices offered by some electricity providers on their flexi tariffs. Some systems also offer UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) so even during a power cut you can continue to use your stored electricity without the lights going out.

Tesla Powerwall 2 – We are proud to be on Tesla’s list of approved installers. The Powerwall is a 13.5Kwh home battery storage system that also offers UPS and can be charged from the grid during off peak times. 

LG Chem – LG Chem offer a wide verity of battery storage solutions from 3kwh to 10kwh hi and low voltage, DC and AC coupled systems. LG Chem work seamlessly with Solar Edge inverter technology and has a very clear monitoring portal that can be accessed via an APP or desktop.

Grow Watt – Grow Watt is the ideal solution for retro fitting battery storage to an existing Solar PV system. Reasonably priced battery storage from a reputable brand.

Pylon Tech – Pylon Tech offer a flexible modular type battery storage solution. The Plyon Tech batteries are about the size of a brief case and come in 2.4Kwh and 3.6Kwh options. The modular design means that more batteries can be installed at a later date if needed. No need to blow your entire budget straight away, get a basic system installed with one 2.4Kwh battery and add to it if required.