Solar PV

There has never been a better time to invest in a Solar PV system. Modern systems can save you a significant amount of money on your electricity bill and excess electricity can be sold back to the grid under the export tariff. A well installed 4Kw PV system should generate around 3600 Kwh per year and prices start from as low as £3000 fully installed. Smaller systems can start from as low as a few hundred pounds.

Grid Tied

After the Feed in Tariff ended in 2019 there was concern for the future of solar PV in the UK but with ever evolving new products making the installations quicker and easier Sphere Energy Solutions have managed to hold in there through uncertain times and continue to offer competitively priced systems installed to a high standard. 

As MCS approved Solar PV installers, we can supply and install for you a PV system that suits your individual needs. The system converts solar energy into electricity and is comprised of panels and an inverter which is usually mounted in the loft space. While some of our clients only want a few panels to offset their existing energy bill, others want enough to be completely self-sufficient. 

The key to a well-designed solar PV system is to use 100% of the electricity that your system produces without wasting any of it on inefficient electrical appliances. With the help of wide variety of products available to us we are able to recommend accessories that will utilise every last unit of electricity generated by your PV system. 

LED lighting – Energy efficient lighting will reduce your electricity consumption.

Home Battery Storage – Store energy generated during the day to be used in the evenings

Smart EV charger – Charge your electric vehicle directly from your solar panels.

Smart Water immersion controllers – Turn on your existing immersion heater to heat your water.

Smart plugs – Turn on appliances automatically when your Solar PV system is generating.

From small new build systems, large scale commercial all the way up to industrial sized solar farms Sphere Energy Solutions can help. On or Off grid Solar PV systems will always have a place in the UK, get a step ahead and call us today for a free no obligation site survey.

Off Grid

Off grid Solar PV is an ever growing industry in the UK. If you have an outbuilding that requires power and its impractical to run a cable to, off grid solar may be the solution. The solar panels charge up a bank of batteries that store the electricity. When power is needed for lighting or other electrical appliances the stored energy will flow through an inverter which will turn the stored DC electricity into 230v AC, the same as you get from the grid. As long as there is enough charge in the batteries then you can use lights and sockets as if connected to the grid. A small back up generator may be required during the winter months for essential loads.